Issues with Follow Me tool and Different Groups

Jason Hotze

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Hey Guys,

    Looking for some help with creating moldings on a cabinet in Sketchup.  Sketchup is having a very hard time doing this across different groups.  I have to double click to enter the group and create the profile and when i try and "follow me" around the casing it doesn't let me.  After playing around I got it to sort of with, although it was a combination of push/pull and follow me, but parts of it are staying blue, like there is a missing face.  I've included a picture if that helps...  I know I'm missing something simple....  Thanks again!


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Yeah, to the best of my knowledge (and I'm fairly sure of this) there is no way to use the "follow me" tool on lines across different groups. What I would do in an instance like this is to leave all the groups untouched and draw a new line outside of the groups along which the shape will be "followed". With a design like this one in your example it is fairly simple to do but if the design was more complex and included tricky curves, you could also consider another approach:

Draw all the easy lines by hand, then open up the groups containing the complex lines one by one, select and copy the line that forms part of the bigger path, close the group and "paste in place". When you're done with all this, you should have one path along which you'd want to use the "follow me" tool. You can hide all the groups to see this path better.

I've created a quick video to illustrate this. Hope this helps.


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8 hours ago, Merlau said:

another thank you i dont use groups but use components, would that work on components as well?


Certainly would. The point is just that the line you create along which to use the follow me tool is outside of your groups/components. But yes, you can go into a component, copy a section, leave the component again and paste in place.

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