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Alltrade 150003 Auto-Loading Squeeze Utility Knife

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I picked up this knife from amazon about a year ago after my old knife (sliding thumb knob jobby) broke.  I figured for the price, I'd give this thing a whirl, and if it failed, oh well.   I absolutely love this thing.    It feels 'solid' in the hand, a little rattle to it that a better engineered device wouldn't have, but it hasn't had any problems.  Gently squeeze the handle, and the blade pops out the end.  A quick push of the thumb button, blade pops back in.  It's an all or nothing deal, so you can't set the blade exposure length.  When that blade wears out, hit the little yellow button, and it comes right out.  Hit the black button, and it automatically loads another blade, ready for use.  You can then either dispose of the old blade, or flip it around and place it into the magazine.  The magazine on the side holds 6 blades I think, maybe five.   It doesn't seem like a tool you'd really want, until you use one, and then you realize you really like it. 

I'd give it a 4.5 out of 5, the downsides being: 1) it feels a little chintzy. a better made item wouldn't have the slop feel to it.   But It has never jammed or broke or anything, so it passed that test over time.  A better made item would probably have a higher price though too.   And 2) It's a bit bulky and heavy when compared to your standard Stanley style razor knife.  It's not heavy in itself, and is easy to use, but it is a bit heftier than other regular knives. 

I was tearing down some boxes the other day using this, and I just felt it had earned a good little review from me. 

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