Which grits for CBN wheels?

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I'm going to upgrade from a 6" fixed speed grinder to an 8" "low speed" grinder, and equip it with at least one CBN wheel for my lathe tools.  I'm looking for advice on what grit to get for the CBN wheel(s). 

If I get just a single CBN wheel, which one makes sense - 180?  220? 350?  I'll mostly be using the tool right off the grinder, so I'd like it to have a good edge.

If I were to get one of the wheel combo deals, which combination of grits makes sense?  180 and 220? 180 and 350?  220 and 350? 

I'll still have the 6" grinder with the a decent wheel on it if I need to do major reshaping of any tools. 

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