Ridgid TS2400 Table Saw Wiring


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My TS2400 stopped working. When I flip the power switch, it will sometimes turns on briefly but then quits immediately. I thought it might be the starter. This table saw has a soft start. I have two questions. First, is there a way to just bypass the switch to test the motor? Also, I am unsure how the box is wired to the thermal breaker and then the switch. See attached picture. I have two leads on the thermal breaker and two on the actual switch. 



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According to the manual, the TS 2400 uses a brushed motor. Worn brushes are a common cause of such behavior.

I did not see a wiring diagram, but from your photo, it appears there is soft start circutry inside the switch housing. In the case of induction motors, bypassing the switch is a simple matter, but for a brushed motor, that may not be advisable. Without at least a circuit diagram, there is nothing to indicate that the motor can actually run directly across the line.

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Thanks for the response @wtnhighlander. I did buy new brushes but have not yet installed them. When I took out the old ones, they had plenty of wear remaining and didn't looked damaged. I really don't know what I am looking for to determine whether the brushes are bad. Perhaps I'll just install the new ones to see if it makes a difference. 

I have been looking for a wiring diagram online but can't find any thing. The multi-meter suggests that the switch components are OK. 

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Look at the brush faces for chipped edges, or grooves.  The face should ideally be shiny, smooth, and curved to fit the commutator bars.

I have had brushes stick in the holder before, but that tends to keep the motor from starting at all.  If you can see the commutator, looks for burn marks or black build-up that might interfere with electrical conduction.

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