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Novice woodworker here; thank you in advance for any suggestions you might have.

I’m making a face frame for a display cabinet, using wood from my local box store. I used oak plywood to make an arched top, and red oak lumber for the side pieces.

I joined them and then stained with Minwax Wood Finish oil-based stain, Honey.

The problem is that they don’t look the same. Is there a way to fix this now?IMG-5590.jpg

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The problem, aside from different trees just taking stain a little differently, is that plywood has only a thin veneer of the face species, with a layer of glue under it. The stain won't penetrate the same as with solid lumber.

Fixing it is another matter. Others here are more expert at finishing, and may have better ideas. I would probably apply a wash coat of shellac, and use a gel stain after that to even out the color tones. 

You might find shellac sold as 'sanding sealer' where you bought the stain. If you try this method, allow plenty of time for the stain to dry, or use a spray top coat over it. Gel stain pigment stays on the surface, and can easily wipe of if a clear top coat is brushed or wiped on before it is fully dry.

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