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Anybody know of a sketchup model of the English Square that is seen on the cover of "The Anarchist's Toolchest"? There's a downloadable PDF at the PopWoodworking site but it's more of an article and less of an actual model.

I was thinking that I could burn out the parts pretty quick on a laser cutter (that I have access to). That would be ironic I know - but cool.

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Oh yeah! Thanks Onboard! I don't know why that didn't turn up with I searched for it. I'm pretty superficial in my searches before I give up though.

I have since learned that the laser cutter I have access to can't cut wood more than 1/4" thick or any larger than 24"X12". I guess I could just make a smaller square. They say that the machine doesn't do well on plywood but I've seen videos of it cutting plywood like it was cardboard. The manual says that the crossing grain and wood's natural tendency for the density to vary a lot makes it a bit problematic. I may try it anyway.

FYI, the laser works best on certain types of plastic - those that are made for use in laser cutting. I have no idea what that means but that's what the manual says.

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I'm late to the conversation, but I've built one of these and have a tip or two. The legs are actually 21" long, so your 24" laser cutter should be fine. Also, the SketchUp model and the magazine article both show the corner joint as a bridled tenon, but a using a half-lap simplifies the build quite a bit. It's still plenty strong, and more than acceptable to build it this way.

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Perhaps it's silly to update a thread that's so old but here it is.

I did build one of these squares - using hand tools only.

I have used the laser cutter although not for this project. It works fine on plywood and so I will be doing some wood projects in the near future. It actually cuts a lot if things - the "approved" plastics are those that don't produce carcinogenic fumes when burned.

The one standout feature of the laser cutter is that all edges (on wood anyway) end up charred so if you don't like that look there is a lot of sanding to do.

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