Bandsaw Rikon 10-345 18" $999.99 or Powermatic 14" 1791216K $1199??

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The Rickon seems like a sweet deal from Woodcraft @ $500 off until November 21st. 18", 2 1/2 horsepower motor. But, I'm not sure of Rikon quality. I am sure of Powermatic quality and although the Powermatic is only 14" 1 3/4 horsepwer motor, I wonder where around $1000 would be better spent.

Thanks for any advice.

Bob Devereaux

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I have the Rikon 10-325 Deluxe 14". It's a capable machine. I have it outfitted with a Driftmaster fence from Laguna and it resaws very well. I wish I had gotten a larger table surface. In the end, I'll probably have a larger unit, too.

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I have a ricin 18 in bandsaw that I purchased new about 4 years ago. It has performed great. I use timber wolf resaw blades and had no problem resawing hard maple 9in thick for door panels. You may also want to lookup fine woodworking issue 170, they did a comparison of 18" bandsaws and rated ricin best value. Ricon Did not have a blade break the others do. Also from owning one with cast iron wheels it takes a while for the blade to stop. I would buy this again. Also one of my friends used mine and bought his last may.

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