Adding a Sub-panel to the shop


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A nice side effect of having a sub panel in my garage is the ability to kill power to all the outlets in the shop and then lock the box. It's not an issue currently, but when my son gets a little older I would hate for him to sneak out in the garage and fire up the table saw or something equally disastrous. 

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With cost difference between the 50A and 100A panel not being far apart I see not reason not to good with the 100.  I should be installing 100A panel in my shop this weekend.

Egggg-zackly..."options" is a good word...100A gives you options for about the same price.  I have a detached, dedicated, 2 car garage for my shop. When I started, I didn't have a lot of stuff; but I have big dreams. I have a lot of stuff now.  Granted, I'm a one man show so only one machine is running at the time; but I've just purchased a used HVAC package unit that is about to be installed. So couple that with simultaneously using a tool and TV on, it's a few amps. I feel better with 100A though I'm not close to maxing it out. Then there is the thing of having enough breakers.  Each time I add some tool or something different, I may need a double breaker because I'm adding more and more 220V. That's two breaker positions needed.  Then I may decide to run some outside lights from the shop...and a water feature at the outdoor patio....blah blah blah....da word is "options"....for about the same price.  To me a larger panel box with more breakers and 100A available was a no brainer.

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