Sapele vs. Bubinga (UPDATED - think I made rookie mistake)


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Hey Fred,

I gotta run off for tennis match (the glory of living in Santa Barbara) but had to shoot off my plea to avoid shooting pin nails. Just a personal cringe factor, not based on knowledge. Seems you have large glue surface and the biscuits helping. So just clamp them well and pull together with tape if necessary along various points. 

Will write later about finishing thoughts.



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On 1/3/2014 at 11:27 AM, adambaum said:

I love the look of Bubinga. The only caveat I have found is in the finishing. When I use it for pens and bottle stoppers, I need to allow more time for each coat of CA to cure. Otherwise I'll end up with some hazing that shows up a few days later.



Hi Adam,

My name is John and I am a retired master cabinet maker and I am originally from Europe and live in USA for the last 40 years. In my spare time I am  handcrafting wooden jewelry, pens and other wooden objects. I am mostly using   CA glue also for my finishing also. I had hazing issues when I was working in the humid environment. I tried CA from different makers and had hazing, bubbling and cracking problems with most of them. A year ago my friend told me about the Glue Bust CA glue product. Let me tell you since I started to use this product all my problems vanished away. Their CA is flexible and you can apply over most of other type of finishing also. I recommend to buy their GlueDry accelerator also. I am not advertising or have any connections with Glue Gust corporation I am just very happy with the outcome of their product.

Sending you the link of their website where you can read all the information and you can order it also. They are little more expensive but is wort it.

Good luck



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