neat little software, But use it for a shop layout?

Gary Gilbert

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I have had the program for a long time .. might have built a box in it.. I was very heavy into 3d software like maya , max,rhino . I am taking a break I guess go back to basics . I was wondering if anyone has designed a full shop layout.. After we finish this house we will sell and move to a place where I can build a real shop . I need a place where I can do automotive,metal,wood and move all my printing equipment out of the house.. the GF loves having me take up the dining room and  the other room with printers computer and such.


 I guess my question is how far in detail does one go with plans . I used a home builder once that I ran plumbing lines and ect. every where. plus it's nice I can just grab a warehouse file for scale I guess for figureing out layouts..  Sorry I ramble my brain works faster then my fingers and I lose track thanks.. 



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Sketchup is extremely powerful. People do home design with it, so a shop setup would not bet too difficult. The Sketchup warehouse has tools in it to to ad to the shop. I use it for designing my projects, but I go into great detail with it as I do all the joinery. I used it for my kitchen remodel including all the tile work. 


I've used many 3D programs over the years as I worked in the animation industry. I would probably use Sketchup every time.

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