Can I rent your shop space for an hour - near Trenton/Princeton, NJ?


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Hi everyone - 


Perhaps this is weird, perhaps not. I need to rent some shop space for an hour or so this weekend. I have a 7' stick of roughly 2x2" hickory I need to bring to 1.25 x 1.25" square. Eventually, I will make it into a 1.25" round dowel, but for now, just using machines to get it squared and thicknessed will save me hours of hand-working time. And if you're asking, "why not do it by hand," you've clearly never worked with hickory.


I have a membership at Philadelphia Woodworks and normally do my milling there, but that's at least an hour away with traffic, plus $20/hour or $80 for the day and I was there yesterday – I don't need to do anything else and would end up driving 2 hours to do 30 minutes of work on this one piece.


I say rent, because I will pay you. It's wear and tear on your machines (jointer and planer or tablesaw), and I can't offer much in the way of trade.


If you're up for it, PM me and let's try to arrange something?




- Dan


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