An arts and crafts hall table or sofa table


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I got the idea from a project in a book called "Arts and Crafts Furniture Anyone Can Make."  It is a take on a design done over a hundred years ago by the great Scottish architect, painter, and designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh.


My SU model shown here, and it is up on the 3D Warehouse.


I am going to make it, but it will sit between a cherry dining set that is all Mackintosh, and a living room group that is all Gustaf Stickley, in dark brown-red Onandaga finish QSWO.  I think I will do it in rift cherry, dyed real dark.


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I have chopped square through-holes for tenons, but for ones like in this design, where they are purely decorative, and the inside surfaces visible, I do them as a glue-up.  Rip wide boards, chopsaw out the holes, re-glue, done all at a thickness of +1/4, then surface down to finish.  Looks pretty true when done.


The rips, chops, and reglue ops take a morning in the shop.

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