Wondering if anyone would care to answer some question I have?

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Hi, I occasionally work with wood with my dad, because he owns his own shop and builds cabinets for a living. I am writing a research paper for my Communications class about how hard starting up a business would be. If anyone has started/will be starting up a woodworking shop, I'd love to ask some questions. I really appreciate it, thanks!

1. How hard was it for you to start up your business?


2. Where is your business located?


3. How profitable is your business, is it thriving?


4. What do you think the most challenging thing was about starting up your business?


I really appreciate this, thank you! :D


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There are a few of us (myself not included) that do this for a living. Most here are hobbyists that have sold a piece or two and might be able to help. I might suggest you number your questions and ask them here. As long as they aren't too long winded, you'll likely get some great answers.

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I'll give you an answer from another hobbyist view. I have made a few furniture pieces and they are for around the house but I raffled a wine rack off and I had some business cards beside it for people to take if they needed anything made, I do renovations as my full time so that was on the card as well. I have yet to receive a call from that event. Almost 2 years ago. So depending on the business whether it be fine furniture or cabinets will determine the success story. I do furniture as a hobby and they are mostly projects I want to have but would sell if the price is right. I also am fairly young compared to most woodworkers in my area so lack of experience can really show if you have too high a price tag Sent from my B15 using Tapatalk

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