How to remove half circle from material

Shaun Guthrie

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I'm new to Sketchup, want to create one of my designs in it over paper.  Been following along Jay Bates and his examples however I cannot figure out how to remove a half circle from material.  You'll see in this picture I want to cut out the circle on Jay Bates Box Joint example however no matter what I do I cannot push that material away.  It's probably something simple!

I've attached a picture in Sketchup as reference and also showed the paper sketch of what I'm trying to do.

Thanks in advance!




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24 minutes ago, TerryMcK said:

Erase the half semi circle protruding - you have to erase the one behind too. Then delete the vertical line (the diameter) - again erasing the one behind too.

The thing with Sketchup is don't overthink it. Simple is best.

Thanks Terry.  I also heard back from Jay as well. I forgot to mention the box was a component. I needed to edit the component before creating the circle.  Then I can remove the material with the push/pull tool.



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