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Mark J

Grinder Dust Collection

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8 hours ago, Mark J said:


But wet grinding when I have to reshape a heavy metal tool just exceeds my patience.  And faucet and sink are some distance away for me.  

There is no reason for the grinding to be slow, just because the wheel is in water.  That's why I intend to use diamond wheels.  The same grit, at the same speed, won't be any slower than a CBN wheel.  The reason standard wet grinders are so slow to move metal, is a combination of the wheel speed, and grit of the wheel.  I'm done with standard Tormek types too.  I want the speed, smoothness, and steady diameter of the CBN wheel, but without the problem of containing the debris. We can't dry grind in the houses we work on, or at least, not worth the trouble.  I know it will take some playing with, but that's why I want variable speed.

  My sharpening sink, even though the top is a 92" stainless sink top from a hospital, is still portable. It doesn't get moved often, but can easily be moved.  It even has its own little water heater.  We use sharp chisels for many things other than just for woodworking.

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