Better Protractor?

Mark J

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I'm looking for a good angle measuring device.  I have a Wixey wr41 8" digital protractor and I've come to discover that it is off by .5* as compared to two Woodpecker and one Groz precision squares, all of which agree with each other. Dissapointing, but maybe all you can expect for the price.

What's available for measuring any angle accurately to .1* precission?

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Depends on your budget. I'd go with a machine shop recommendation if you're really down to the nits, which it appears you are. Although half a degree over a 6 or 8 foot piece would really be less-than-ideal. I have one of those iGaging digital bevel gauges and a Wixey magnetic angle indicator, as well as a regular old bevel gauge for transferring angles. Fowler offers some various digital, vernier and dial protractors that I have no experience with, just know they boast accuracy.

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