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I recently found a listing for a self-triggering fire extinguisher. Basically a modern take on the old  glass fire bulbs.

Anyone have any experience or seen any real reviews of these things? They seem like a great idea for a little extra fire protection out in the shop.

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On 1/24/2023 at 10:16 AM, Coop said:

My take, don’t waste your money. I couldn’t find a msds on the chemical and the Q&A danced around what types of fire it will put out but the video shows the powder to be white which is primarily sodium bicarbonate or baking soda. This chemical will not put out class A fires which are wood, paper, trash or anything that leaves an ash (your shop). Get yourself a good metal valve ABC, 5 lb. capacity or more, hand held extinguisher for when you are in the shop and an insurance policy to cover it when you are away. 

I've got a few good extinguishers out there. Honestly I'd love to put in some kind of sprinkler system, but without plumbing and local permitting that's a pipe dream. Would be nice if there was a decent kit automatic system available, but with more reading the best I could find is something called Haven, which is just a heat sensor on a traditional extinguisher, but they seem to have failed to find a distributor.

Edit: On the subject of fire safety. Anyone have a recommendation for an interconnected heat detector that I could put in a detached garage? All the wireless ones seem to include both CO2 and Smoke sensors that I don't really need, or want to connect to a monitoring service. All I want is a heat detector that will sound in the house if there's a fire in the garage.

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