Hardwood Dealers in Nashville


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Mimms lumber, just off I24 south of nashville


Mimms Lumber

1955 Nolensville Pike

Nashville, TN 37211


They have hardwood venerre plyood and hardwoods, friendly too.

There is also one west of nashville. I cannot remember if it is off I40. I don't think so because it is not too far away from KY state line (I think)

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Drive down south to Lawrenceburg, and you will find the Amish,

It is an hour and a half south, but the prices can't be beat!!!!!

But it is all rough cut stock, but it is kiln dried, and dirt cheap!!

They have cedar, poplar, walnut, cherry, white red and black oak, hickory, ash, maple, maybe alder, and a few others i cant remember

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I have been there and purchased sheet goods. .. They mainly are used by the commercial trades but take your truck and they will help load. They did answer my emails about pricing but they weren't super quick. Also have some pro-level tools available. On Charolette Pike near HCA and Centennial Park.

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I called Stones River in Woodbury yesterday, looking for 8/4 red oak!  They have it, air dried for $6.00 a board foot... I recently bought 8/4 red oak for $2.70 a board foot, but that source has dried up..... $6.00 a board foot, is as costly as Obamacare! 

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