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Hi everyone,

I have rescently started wanting to work more with hand tools, having been inspired by a lot of the hybrid woodworkers out there. My problem was that I have 10 month old twins which means I have no money. I was looking at getting some planes of ebay and trying to refurbish them, but was always affraid of buying somthing beyond repair and having a doorstop. To get to the point my parents have sold my grandmothers house and were cleaning out the garage. My grandfather was one of those guys who could not pass up a deal, even if he had 10 screwdrivers he would buy 10 more if they were on sale. Having a bit of the same bug there is no better deal than FREE so i took all the tools without going through them. I have rescently started going through them all and along with 20 pipe wrenches and buckets of copper pipe and galvanized pipe joints i came upon these wood tools. I have a jack plane as well , but these seem like something i can work with.

Im pretty sure the back saw is a cabinet saw, is seems to cut better on the cross cut

Im not sure what the other 2 saw are, they are very thin blades, but have very deep teeth

on the left

obviously a mallet

then spoke shave (has no 5 stamped on the back)

a little wood level (not level)

and 2 little low angle, bevel up block planes ( the top one has no markings on it and the other says dunlap on the bock and on the mouth adjustment )

The planes have a pretty good amount of rust on them im going to try refurbishing them

any thoughts on what i have


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The smallest plane is a stanley 103. It's a nice little apron plane (a plane to tuck into your shop apron). I use mine all the time. The one in the box looks like an equivalent 220 stanley. Can't quite tell since the photo is so dark. This is a nice block plane to own if you don't already have one. You can clean the rust off of the sole with steel wool. And clean the rest of the body with detergent and water and an old tooth brush. Then you can see how bad of condition they really are. The spoke shave will clean up nicely too with some cleanser and water. You should sharpen both the plane blades and spokeshave blade of course.

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