Decagonal Dining Table

Pete Bennett

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I am designing a ten sided table that will sit on a pedestal that is also ten sided however it will be waisted. That is it will curve in from top and bottom to have a much slimmer central section. The curves are a constant arc if viewed from the side each segment will be about 8" top and bottom curving gently in to about 2-3" at the centre height. Anyone have any ideas how I can achieve this in Sketchup please?

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OK, here goes:

To start off, Create a 10 sided shape. I used the Circle tool, and before clicking to draw a circle, I typed in 10 to make a 'circle' that will have 10 segments:

post-10-084121600 1284234612_thumb.png

draw the circle to 8" radius:

post-10-075293900 1284234640_thumb.png

Now, since this is a circle, and we want a Decagonal, I exploded the curve into it's lines (edit->explode curve) although you could also select "convert to Polygon if you want those lines to stay connected (which might be a better choice in most cases now that I think of it):

post-10-038706100 1284234754_thumb.png

I then pulled the shape 20" to make the pedestal:

post-10-080126300 1284234769_thumb.png

I drew an arc on one of the sides (for the sake of example, I made the arc symmetrical and half the width of the shape, although you can make it what you want, it also does not have to be from end to end as long as it resides on one of the lines making the side):

post-10-050798800 1284234864_thumb.png

I then clicked on the TOP of the pedestal to select the top face, I then selected the follow-me tool, and clicked the face made from the arc:

post-10-022309300 1284234931_thumb.png

which results in this:

post-10-098619800 1284235011_thumb.png

Hope this helps, feel free to raise questions, or PM me.

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Thanks Aaron - this is a perfect example where follow me (although not very intuitively) works best.

after posting, I did notice that I didn't read the dimensions properly from the OP. as now I see that each segment needs to be 8" top and bottom, and 2-3" in the waist. no biggy though - just make the radius of the 'circle'/polygon appropriate to get the 8" width for each segment. the technique is still the same though.

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