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been thinking of adding some better dust collection to the school. i dont know if i want to push the school to buy a big unit that would involve duct work ect.... or if i want to just get several smaller 1hp dust collectors.

1hp unit unit for router,jointer and planer.

1hp unit for 2 large belt sanders and palm sanding station

1hp unit for 2 band saws radial arm saw

1 hp unit for sliding miter saw and drill press

i priced some local porter cable dust collectors that was 150 dollers each

or i can buy a 4-5hp dust collector for all my machines......

the shop length is 95 feet with 10 average machines and we can aften have 3-4 machines going at once.

what we have now is a 1hp unit that is spread out over too large a space with a couple shop vacs to help out as we need them.

would it be just as usefull to have several dust collectors spread out to different sections of the shop or should we invest in a unit that can suck dust from the entire shop?

honestly not shure that i cans swing a big unit so what kind of comparison will i have with several small units to a big one?

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      No way you are going to be happy with a single 15A breaker, especially if your lights are on it. Also around here code requires HVAC to be on its own circuit with nothing else on it. Could be different there, but again, you're not going to be happy. So: 1. Does your main panel have enough amps to put a subpanel in your shop?
      2. If yes is there conduit big enough to run thick wires for the subpanel?
      3. If no to either of the above I would look into running a separate line from your transformer to your shop. That's what I did when I built my shop and it has 200 amps all to itself. I get 2 bills and can keep track of how much power the shop is using. 
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      Super slick setup Chet.  I gotta do one of these shop picture threads. I keep telling myself next tool I'll do one.  
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      No chair here also..Its a good thing.
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      WTN - Thanks for the reply.  I really was not thinking along the lines of keeping fences square, etc.  I will ask how they manage this. Chet - Yes, I knew I would need to be organized to make this work.  Was thinking along the lines of having a cut & operations list mapped out for each visit, along with tools needed.  Was thinking that I would bring my own hand tools, blades, etc. to make sure I get the most out of each visit.  Worst case, I selected this location since it is only about 10 minutes away from my house if I pull a complete boner and forget something important. NC - Pratt is a arts organization and will provide the tools and space to work in.  The use charge is $45 per day.  So, trading some flexibility vs. access to tools I just don't have space for without a major capital investment.  If I keep at it it may eventually make sense to have the slab in the basement redone, but I think the sort term increase in safety & tool capability will be a welcome change.   Thanks for the replies and welcome.  I will check in on this to update how it turns out.
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