Sketchup Friday at work


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Figured Friday sounded like a good day to spend playing in Sketchup at work.  Making a model of a custom home we're working on currently.  The client can't read a flat plan very well so I'm painting a picture for her.  This is how far I've made it so far. 

Anyone else find that they crank their head into all sorts of weird angles while working in sketchup?  I cant seem to grasp that I cant see under something by dropping my head today. 


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Lots left to go.  So you have a sense of scale, this house has about 5,900 sq. ft. of conditioned space, four car attached garage, carport, additional storage areas (unconditioned), outside pool bathroom, and a giant patio across the back.  I haven't started the modeling on the additional 8 car garage and motor court.  The lowest plate height is at 12' to fit the 10' high garage doors to ensure it clears the Ford Raptor. 

Roof is a bit on the complex side.  Glad I don't have to frame it.  res2.thumb.jpg.df93f506d9f3d34677f91fa44

Edit to add progress pic.


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