I wish SketchUp could do THAT


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A plugin that would take care of even spacing would be nice. Like when making a bookcase you can put the shelves in the right position without calculating everything.

Loki- that's actually already built into SketchUp.

If you are making a bookcase with 5 shelves (for example). draw 1 shelf at the topmost position (or bottom position - up to you). make that a component. now move+copy that shelf to the bottom most position, once positioned - before you do any other operation, type /4 (divide 4), and SketchUp will position 4 copies of the original shelf, evenly spaced between original location, and the location you moved your copy to to give you 5 shelves in total (original shelf + the 4 copies it created) evenly spaced.

PM me if this doesn't make sense - I'll see if Dave had a tutorial on this, and if not, I'll make one.

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an encyclopedia of joinery pull down menu. select the mating components (2,3, etc.) and apply joinery type. each type has default dimensions, but a properties menu where you can edit representative features. you could start with Rogowski's "Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery" and expand from there (asian styles and so on).

i'd also like a custom joinery feature where you could could a default joint and create your own by combining existing joints or morphing different elements (G&G anyone?).

yeah, that's what i'd like to have.

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