Best sketchup extension for Kitchens and Baths


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Hi Everyone,

     Wondering if anyone could give me some advice. I am quite new to sketchup and I am looking at several extension like Skeththis and Click-Kitchen. I realize that with the libraries of customizable furniture that these extension provide it will be quite faster to design a Kitchen or bath. What would you recommend???

I have a carpentry shop in California and would like to provide customers with a better view of the project... I need to do this faster... takes me tooooo much time.



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I haven't used it a lot, but I have used the early version of SketchThis and was impressed. The guy who wrote the plugin is well regarded in the SketchUp community and knows his stuff.

I would recommend that you first learn how to use SketchUp to see if it suits you and the way you work. It won't take long, but then you will be able to evaluate the plugins through free trials. I would be looking for cabinets that matched the way I build them, and/or the ability to modify the cabinet models the plug in uses.

With the right plugin, you should be able to do everything that one of the parametric design programs (like cabinet vision) do for a lot less money and a lot less headache. If you're savvy enough to create your own dynamic components (these would be cabinet models that you could set changeable features for) you would have the exact models you want without a plugin.

hope this helps,

Bob Lang

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