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We have two Maine Coon cats who basically run the place. Wish I had a shop because they'd be ideal mousers/ratters for any rodentia in the area.

The stairway-gallery area is cool! You could do a lot with that for a cat-friendly play area. In the same vein I've seen pics of rooms with runways or cable-chase-like platforms near the ceiling for the cats to race along or perch mysteriously. I think it would be great. My wife thinks otherwise. :D


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I have a 2 car garage but they have run of the back yard. Its a fairly big space. I am thinking a table in the center with a tree style beam going from floor to ceiling through the center. Line it up with the center pole that is already there but have it in the middle of the den. Finish bringing the rope up because I will do platforms for them to jump to. Each wall on the left and right in the picture will have shelving as well. And a rope bridge connecting the walls. Rope bridge will attach to the center pole and I will put a little platform up there. Behind me is a window which I will link in another picture. I want to do a built in window bench for them to sleep on and have their boxes under that. With bookshelves framing the window. And of course have it all connected to the rest. Lucky for me I am retired so only thing that holds me back is pain and money HAHA. That is long term plan at least. Still trying to figure out the style of shelves. I would love some cedar planks like the ones in the picture so I could match the shelving but not sure where to find something close. The years of weathering kinda makes it difficult. I might just end up painting it all a solid color and let my wife who likes to paint do a design on the bottom of each one. We will see. I plan on making a post here in the forums so I can keep track of everything I do. And once I get my garage cleaned up and once it warms up I will probably start doing videos. To cold to do anything now. I need a heater. 


So this was taken from the center post up top basically. Really slanted ceilings.

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