Western Red Cedar gotchas?


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There is a materials list in the plans that include BF.   The design is for a 10' x 44" table.  The 8/4 tabletop is net 77bf, or 85 with 10% waste.
The 16/4 assembly is 54 net bf, or 60 with 10% waste.  My calculation was in all 8/4, so I would have to double the plans calculation of 60bf of 16/4, to 120bf of 8/4. That would be 205bf of 8/4 with 10% waste included on a 10' x 44" table, right?

Add one bench with 10% waste calculation included (21bf 8/4 + 29bf 16/4) is another 79bf of 8/4 for a grand total of 284 bf of 8/4 stock. 

Mine is only 8' by 3', I calculated 252bf  , which included some waste, and rounded up to 260.

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Well then I stand corrected (and dropped-jawed)...that's a beast of a table.  You might use it as your workbench instead. LOL

The thing Matt has going for him is that he gets his material for only the cost of his labor.  Air dried hobby-milled lumber is probably the way to go with this particular project...especially if it were going outside.  The indoors factor means you have to be much more careful about MC.

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