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Hey All,
I've got a project slated for  deliver tomorrow and the finish isn't quite ready.  I'm using General Finishes Gel Topcoat Eurothane.  I applied the first coat yesterday around 3p.m., I checked it at 8a.m. this morning and it's still quite tacky.  The directions say 12-24 hour dry time...  It got quite chilly last night in the garage, around 40F.

So I'm in a bit of a pickle  I still need to apply a minimum of a second coat but it needs to be ready for delivery by tomorrow.  Is there anything I can do to speed the dry time? 

My first thoughts are to get the boards, 4 drawer faces, in our warm furnace room after the next coat.  Wait a couple hours and ad a fan.

Any other suggestions are appreciated.


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Being it's the gel topcoat, it should be applied to the wood then rubbed in and buffed back. This type of topcoat is designed for items not requiring a lot of protection. Cool temps in the shop will slow the dry time significantly.  The gel topcoat would probably be the quickest way to go for a faster drying poly, due to how it's applied and sits on top of the wood. 

Get the piece to a warm room of 70 degrees. If the piece isn't too large, a hair dryer helps. Next-time if you're in a crunch, select a different topcoat such as a water based that dries fast. 



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