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Hi My name is Kat. I have no expierence what so ever in any kind of wood working but have always admired what other poeple can create. My Grandpa, used to make every thing from toys to furniture. My soon to be father in law, Rickey, makes quilt racks, pens,ring stands and bird feeders. He can also make decks and cabinets but doesn't enjoy those that much from what I understand. I have no tools of my own and no work shop. I can use any of Rickey's tools at his house in his basement workshop/garage. I can count on one hand the amount of times I have used power tools for any project other than mechanic's work on my truck or someone else's vechile. I have a burning desire to learn how to do the things I want build. I have no sence of skill level. I'ts my understanding that the first project I have picked out for my self is way beyond me but I don't care if it takes me every weekend for the next year to complete I want to build it. I hope this gives every one a good laugh and gets me some help along the way. I'm going to post my ROUGH plans for my project in the plans section.


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