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I went to a woodworking tool estate sale and one of the things I got was a set of drawers full of sandpaper and sanding supplies.  All sorts of blocks, paper, edge contour thingys, all sorts of handy stuff.  One of the things is a few of these little spools that look like a step bit made of 80 grit sand paper but without any spindle. Maybe 1 1/2" high and it looks to be all one piece in a big spiral.  Any idea what this is?  Is it missing pieces or is it a hand held thing?  I didn't see a spindle in the box but maybe I missed it.  I don't even know what to call it.  

Also attached a pic of the box, 10"or so wide for reference, $30 total, seemed like a good deal. 



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Seems like I should have been able to come up with a name like that :rolleyes:  So it's just a drill attachment for shaping and getting in tight corners?

I'll look for a spindle. These look straight, finding replacements might be a challenge, and also not necessary since I don't know what I'd use these for with the work that I do at the moment. 

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