Trouble With A Fuji Mini Mite 5


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I don't think our spray system has been atomizing right ever since we got it. Whatever we are spraying hits the work piece looking slightly textured, but has always leveled out to look good.

About 4 months ago, we sprayed a kitchen with Axalta white pre-cat lacquer and it came out fantastic. Between then and now we sprayed Axalta pre-cat clear over stain and it worked great also. Over the past week, we have been trying to spray gray and can't get it to work right consistently no matter what we try.

With the white, we mixed 8 oz of butyl acetate per gallon. The clear we sprayed undiluted. Our supplier has told us all along that diluting too much would cause problems, and I was trying to follow his recommendation on thinning.  This gray lacquer when thinned with 8 oz of BA would go on very textured, set almost instantly, and be dust flying sand-able in 60 - 90 seconds.

After much experimenting, I was able to get some pieces to come out good while others would set before they leveled out by mixing 20 oz of retarder per gallon. It looks terribly thin, but no runs on a vertical surface. The last attempt I made, the first door looked great, but by the 4th door 2 minutes later, it would not level out. We were against a deadline and I had someone else spray the last few pieces.

I think there is more than one issue going on, but I'm still a beginner at finishing.

Any ideas?

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