Clamp together dust pipe

Mick S

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58 minutes ago, BillyJack said:

If it didn't align up on big runs you fought with it. If you get everything as needed it's ok.


I've been there. I've worked with various brands over the years in industrial installations. Some bad, some good. That's why I posted this review - this is the best quality of fittings I've worked with and the customer service was excellent.

For me, the versatility it offers is well worth the cost difference. 

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When they opened the new jakobe furniture they has spend years accumulating dust colection. 24" all the way down. A cabinet shop went down and had an auction jakobe maintenance man was there. 


They opened a metal,container one time. Had several weaver shapers in it. The complete set. Closed the door never saw them again.. they stored a lot figuring they would have it for later. 


Cabinet shop in Belton Missouri did that one time. When the economy was growing during the Clinton years he bought out every be cabinet shop there was. When the economy crashed, he went broke..


Think they were called Branham cabinets.. manly a cherry cabinet shop..

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