Soft spot in spalted white oak


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I recently purchased some spalted white oak from a local sawmill.  I just started running it through the planer and have noticed a couple of places where the wood is really soft.  I've never worked with anything spalted before and wonder if this is normal and is there anything I do to protect the wood.

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Spalting is the wood starting to rot. White oak is somewhat rot resistent so the fact that it started to spalt meant that it was stored wet for a long period.

Was the wood kiln dried?

Dry the lumber or make sure it's kept dry, when I say dry i mean 7-8% moisture content. You can stabilizethe surface of any soft areas with epoxy but that isn't a deep reapir. A casting resin is the best bet to add strength to the areas deeper than the skin. Something like Cactus Juice but I don't know a lot about those types of materials most often they require baking in an oven to set. Penetrating epoxy can kinda work but it has some drawbacks. A nice thin epoxy like west system, total boat, or a casting epoxy will penetrate just as deep but will become stronger than your typical penetrating epoxies.

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