Table saw adjustment - Ridgid 2424


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I have a Ridgid model 2424-1.. I’m having a difficult time and I just can’t seem to get the blade aligned to the mitre slot. It is .0029 out of alignment at the front of the blade,which is causing kickback. I used the same tooth for my measurements.


I followed the Ridgid manual but the micro-adjustment with the tiny allen screws does not seem to be doing much and I’m running out of screw.


I read in one of the only posts out there that the PALS micro adjusters won’t work with a 2424-1 model.


I realize the fence must also be aligned to the mitre slot but will worry about that later. I can fix that.


Any help would be really appreciated I’m putting some pictures in here show you and I’m also there’s one photo that shows you the wrench setup that I used to get to the the funky trunnions.


Thank you very much I appreciate any help you can give me you can email me if you can do whatever way works for you to get back to me but thank you for helping.


It would be nice to see something from Ridgid, but I guess the saw is too old.






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Paul, I have the exact same model saw. Best thing I did after acquiring it was to take off the trunion screw adjustment wheels, flip the saw over, and strip away the sheet metal box. The trunion assembly is bolted to the table top, and the bolts are much easier to work on with the housing removed. I put mine up on horses so I colud flip it back and forth while making adjustments and testing the results. Haven't had to touch it in almost 5 years now.

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I mean the wheels / handles that you turn to raise or tilt the blade. The have to come off before you can get the sheet steel box off.

If I recall correctly, I was able to adjust the arbor aligment by just tapping the trunion mount with a mallet, after slightly loosening the bolts. The only hex screws I remember are the two that set the 90* and 45* tilt stops, and they adjust from above the table. I never trust them, by the way. A light-weight saw like this has too much flex, and it is an easy matter to over-tighten the trunion screw, torquing the blade past the stop. I ALWAYS use a reference square when returning the tilt to 90* after an angled cut.

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