Commercial Cabinet Pullout Retrofit


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The first version that you see in the first picture is still in use. This version used a framework that fastened to the cabinet sides for support. This works but, the cabinet sides flex too much and the drawers occasionally bind.

The new version is a stand alone fixture. This fixture sets on the shelf for vertical support. It is then fastened to the cabinet sides and back for anti-tipping support. The fixture is just narrow enough to slide into the cabinet opening and onto the shelf. The difference between the cabinet opening and the cabinet's internal width is filled with spacer blocks.


The blocks are not attached to the fixture at first. The blocks are attached to the cabinet sides via pan or truss head screws from the outside. The fixture is slid into place with the drawer removed. The fixture is screwed to the blocks. Additional screws can be driven through the back of the fixture from inside or outside as your situation allows. Then you install the drawer.

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