Recommendation for Saw Set Tool?

Ron Swanson Jr.

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I'm a little new to handsaw sharpening. 

I'm looking for a set tool for DT and Tenon Saws. I'm not in my shop at the moment but i believe my finest tooth saw is around 15 tpi. I am wondering if anyone can recommend a set tool for fine teeth? I see several for 10 tpi and under, but not much for finer than that. There's an Eclipse at Highland WW that looks like it might do the trick. 

i know some folks will modify the hammer on a pliers style set tool to accommodate finer teeth. I'm hoping to avoid doing that if possible. 




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The Lie Nielsen site states that you can use the "Stanley 42X saw set" on their saws, including their carcass saw, which is 14 ppi. I don't know much about that tool though.

Quote from the LN site:


You can use a Stanley 42X saw set on our saws. The Stanley set may vary from ours, so experiment on a small area before you do the whole saw. Your Carcass and Dovetail Saws only need approximately .003" set per side, and Tenon Saws only .004" per side when properly set. The slight set is what makes the saw cut and track so well. If done improperly, you'll notice a drastic decrease in performance. You should only have to reset your blade after every other sharpening, not every time.


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I wouldn't even bother to look for anything other than a 42X.  It has a plunger that comes out and grabs the saw holding it in exactly the correct orientation to the saw plate before the anvil engages the tooth.  I have two of them.  One was modified by making the little pusher smaller for small backsaw teeth.

I have a box full of other types accumulated over the years, but none work as good for me as the 42x.  The bad thing is that they only go for real money these days.  I used a 42W bought new for decades, but always had to do more tooth stoning behind that one.  I didn't know anything about a 42X before the internet.

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