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Pretty new to woodworking, but life long mechanic/handyman. I used to find working with wood intimidating versus metals, but have notes found a deep interest in woodworking. 
So have an idea and a design for a large pullout pantry for this odd and tiny closet we have. Generally speaking the pullout will be ~9” x 28” x 6’. Have not yet decided on my stuffers just yet but have several options. Want to build the cabinet first then make the slider decision once complete. 
My fork in the road now is choosing the end panel wood…Baltic birch plywood, maple, oak, etc…the choices are a bit paralyzing tbh. 
So tiring to folks with experience in this food advice. 

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Building something like this?

If I understand your question correctly, you want advice on proper material for the long vertical uprights. IMO, you should be fine using 3/4" ply, if the pullout has a closed "back" like in this video. If you want shelf access from both sides, maybe thicker material is better, and I would add some 'stiles' at the top, bottom, and even at a middle shelf, to reduce the chance of racking.

The visible end can be an applied panel of whatever looks good to you.

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