Harbor Freight Mobile Base

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I bought this mobile base for a few reason's , one it was cheap , the store is close by so shipping isn't a cost I needed to take into account . Which it was had I order the Delta MB from Rockler . I did some reading and the HF MB seemed to get some good reviews. The directions aren't the best but you can figure out how it's assembled , it's not that hard . I will say after putting together a few of the Delta mobile bases this one was just as easy if not easier to put together .

I have a sharpening cabinet on it so wieght wasn't a big issue for me . It states a 300 Lb. capacity so this may be a problem for some of you . However while reading I came across one review where the builder used 1 1/4" square metal tubing in place of the wood , I would imgaine this will add some capacity to it .

So now for my thoughts , its a bargin at the regular price , if you use the 20% off coupon it's a steal . I give this mobile base two thumbs up !



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Not bad. I've already mobilized all my tools but the next time, I will consider this one. I have bought Rockler's mobile base which looks similar but has the step on lift when time to move -- however, I only occasionally move something. Looks to be $20-30 cheaper.

There is a HF just down the road from me but I tend to stay away as I consider much of what they sell junk, which is intentional as that is their niche.

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Even though most of the tools can be on the lower end for quality... It can't hurt to stop by every now and again just to browse the selection. I recently discovered that they sell Evaporust, which comes in handy for rehabbing old (or just a bit neglected) tools. Also great place to build some throwaway tool kits to throw in the utility drawer, kids's toolbox, trunk of the car, etc.

Sorry, not trying to lecture... Just suggesting an adventurous spirit... ;^}

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Thanks, Jerry, for the recommendation. I ordered one of the HF mobile bases and mobilized my jointer. Now I can move it under the one light I have instead of having to run it in the shadow. Being able to put it out of the way is a big plus, too.

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