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Telecrapper, Johnny-Rocker, Poo-caster, Stratocrapper, Fannypack, Eric Crapton signature, The Hamerrhoid, Less Paul American Standard, Gibson #2 ...whatever you want to call it, I’d think twice about doing a guitar lick on this thing!

Had some fun piddlin around in the shop this week. This is a Christmas gift for my younger kids. They watched me build a real guitar for their older brother last summer, and made several comments about wanting a guitar too. The problem is that none of them play, so it’s hard to justify the time and money of building a nice guitar…the Poo-caster was just the ticket. Guitar builds don’t get much simpler than this….one pickup wired straight to a jack. We already had the neck, the pickup, and saddle, so I only had to buy the tuning pegs, toilet seat, strings, and a jack cover. Fitting the seat, and spacing the bridge saddle and neck are the most critical parts, and I wasn’t overly fussy about it. I’ve probably got 4 hours and ~ $40 into it. I just got it strung and fired up this week, and it seems to work fine. Still need to add a strap. We’re going to wrap it in toilet paper and put it under the tree. It’s a far cry for fine woodworking, but hopefully they will all have a good time with this.





The build:

This was as simple as an electric guitar can get. I bought a cheap wood veneered toilet seat (poo-dook IIRC), removed the hardware and spacers, split the seat, and located the neck and saddle, then mounted them to the inside of the seat cover. I wired the pickup directly to the output jack (no knobs), and used an inverted Strat style jack cover bent over the space where the seat splits. You guessed it....the finish is wiping varnish, and yes boys have to put the seat up to play, and there will be a line for the girls to use it on busy nights. ;)




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I LOVE this! I might have to steal this idea and spring it on a guitar playing friend of mine! :D

I like the name Telecrapper!

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Quite creative. I've always wanted to make my hubby a guitar...but I just don't know if I"d have the patience for that long and tedious project. Now this one seems like I could build it without too much stress...but I wonder if my hubby would play it!!! Ha ha...our luck it will probably sound better than all his other guitars!!! Great idea, thanks for sharing it with us.

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