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Earlier I posted a video of a really cool adjustable table and brought me to the idea of starting a thread to share this kind of unique work.

Just for fun, or maybe to get some inspiration. So if you found some cool stuff on the net, or made something yourself, post it here. :D

I'll tee off with this misbehaving coffee table and a sexy dresser by Straight Line Designs

Be sure to check this site out, some amazing stuff!



Space saving furniture by Resource Furniture

What about a cardboard folding chair!

Here's the table again by dbfletcher


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Inception Chair

My favourite piece thinking-oustide-the-box design is a chair I saw in 500 Chairs by Lark Books. The piece, I believe, is called Thalia's Chair and was made by draping a sheet of canvas over a rocking chair then pouring epoxy resin over the canvas. Once the epoxy cured, the chair was removed.

Another one I love is Wendell Castle's Ghost Clock. It's carved from mahogany. Yes, the whole thing. The sheet was carved then repeatedly bleached. The raised grain was left to add a cloth-like texture.


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If you check out 500 Cabinets you'll see a lot of this type of work


I haven't started "reading" 500 Tables or 500 Chairs yet, but I imagine there's more of the same there.

I should go back through my twitter timeline and find links to interesting pieces I've tweeted.

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    • Minimax mm20 restore
      More info on Minimax.  This is an email from Sam Blasco, their US sales guy.    I looked into Minimax before buying my PM1500.  Ultimately it came down to price for me.  Hello Michael,

      Thanks for your inquiry about this fine line of Italian-made bandsaws...  Mini Max is a division of the SCM Group, the largest manufacturer of precision woodworking machinery in the world!  Here are some some details you might find useful. As you can probably guess, I regularly answer questions like, "What makes the MM-Series bandsaw stand-out in the crowded field of available machines?"  Well, there are lots of special things Mini Max offers you that you simply can't get from any other bandsaw in the US market.

      Here's a quick run-down...  and then be sure to click on the link below to see the in depth video demonstration I did.

      -These are the only saws in the USA sold by the manufacturer.  Mini Max does not rebadge and repaint other companies' bandsaws.  Because they do everything in-house and aren't stuck having to re-package and re-paint somebody else's saw for you, you get a higher performance machine without having to pay the dealership or a middleman.

      These of bandsaws are the heaviest and strongest you can buy.  Since Mini Max uses the SCM foundry, they can afford to spec' out a thicker castings, like the wheels and tables, and heavier gauge steel chassis and beefier components. No other bandsaw offers triple-boxed beam column for absolute rigidity when using high-tension blades like the excellent Lenox Woodmaster and Tri-Master blades.

      The Minimax bandsaws are the most advanced in the US market. The quick tilt table tilting unit, for instance, was CAD-designed in order to provide both the quickest tilting action as well as the most stable mounting platform. The guidepost assembly is also the most sophisticated available. The more common rack-and-pinion guidepost movement is fine until you add dust to the mix, but not on these max-duty resawing machines. Instead, they use a chain and sprocket like you'd see on a forklift: Self-cleaning, very precise, and never wears out. And rather than simply passing the guidepost through the upper cabinet's sheet metal, like every other Italian saw, we reinforce it with a milled cast-iron block that is bolted through a reinforced plate and makes any adjustments you might want to do easily accessible from the upper cabinet's exterior. 

      How productive is a bandsaw if you're fighting with it all the time? The Carter Micro Precision guides have a 50 year proven track record, and the MM-Series of bandsaws utilizes an industry wide standard guide mounting post, so if you prefer your favorite aftermarket guide system you're not stuck shelling out another couple of hundred bucks for a conversion kit just to put them on the Mini Max. They just slip right on.  And for tire changes, instead of making you pull one of the flywheels and take it to your local machine shop (we all have one of those just around the corner, right?) when a blade lets go and cuts the tire or it's just time, they use a tongue-and-groove rubber system that you can replace, yourself, in five minutes.

      The MM-Series of bandsaws are designed with safety in mind. Our Soft-Touch footbrake, for example, will stop an MM16's flywheels in less than one revolution with just mild toe-pressure. Banging your forehead or hitting your shin with the door panels is no fun, so Mini Max bandsaws have doors that open independently, not together. Of course, there is a separate safety micro-switch on each one. And, less dust in you shop means healthier lungs for you, so they optimized dust extraction to pull it all out right under the lower guides, instead of letting it fill up the bottom of the cabinet, first. 

      Lastly, the SCM Group has been around a long time and isn't going anywhere soon. In the United States Distribution Center in Atlanta, GA, they have a spare parts room dedicated to bandsaws and stock all the common wear items here in the USA so you don't have to wait for a part to come from Italy; In other words, you will be take care of you. This is just a small part of what makes Mini Max #1 in customer care surveys year after year.

      Anyway, I hope that shows a little bit of what makes Mini Max bandsaws so special. Call me, or I'll call you soon to touch bases and follow up with you. Thanks again, and please keep in mind: questions are always welcome, and don't forget to check out the video here:

      I have attached info and current pricing.  The annual year end sale is on right now until December 31st and those prices are as follows:

      MM16 ... $2,995
      MM20 ... $4,045
      MM24 ... $5,125

      Each saw will also include for free two steel blades and the mobility kit ($250 value).  Please let me know if you have any questions.


      Sam Blasco
      512-796-3036 (direct line)
      866-975-9663 (main office/parts/tech services)

      "The message you received and any attachments (the "Message") may contain confidential, proprietary or privileged information and are only for their intended recipient(s). Do not, directly or indirectly, use, disseminate, distribute, alter or copy the Message. No confidentiality or privilege is waived by errant delivery. E-mail transmissions cannot be guaranteed to be secure or error-free as information could be intercepted, corrupted, lost, destroyed, arrive late, incomplete, or contain viruses. Therefore, the sender, SCM Group USA, Inc. and their officers, directors, employees, affiliates, and agents (collectively, "SCM") do not accept liability for any errors or omissions in the contents of the Message."  
    • Wentworth no. 1 Saw VIse
      Are the diagonal marks on the outside of the jaws original, or do you think they were some owner's fleam sight lines?
    • Is this set up right? Lathe pulley
      In order to change speed,  most pulley drives are offset so the "cones" point opposite of each other. 
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