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Earlier I posted a video of a really cool adjustable table and brought me to the idea of starting a thread to share this kind of unique work.

Just for fun, or maybe to get some inspiration. So if you found some cool stuff on the net, or made something yourself, post it here. :D

I'll tee off with this misbehaving coffee table and a sexy dresser by Straight Line Designs

Be sure to check this site out, some amazing stuff!



Space saving furniture by Resource Furniture

What about a cardboard folding chair!

Here's the table again by dbfletcher


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Inception Chair

My favourite piece thinking-oustide-the-box design is a chair I saw in 500 Chairs by Lark Books. The piece, I believe, is called Thalia's Chair and was made by draping a sheet of canvas over a rocking chair then pouring epoxy resin over the canvas. Once the epoxy cured, the chair was removed.

Another one I love is Wendell Castle's Ghost Clock. It's carved from mahogany. Yes, the whole thing. The sheet was carved then repeatedly bleached. The raised grain was left to add a cloth-like texture.


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If you check out 500 Cabinets you'll see a lot of this type of work


I haven't started "reading" 500 Tables or 500 Chairs yet, but I imagine there's more of the same there.

I should go back through my twitter timeline and find links to interesting pieces I've tweeted.

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      Good points...I guess I figured the 'elite' brands like PM and sawstop probably had good service like festool (but I don't own any of either brand), so thx for filling me in. 
    • X-base "rustic" dining table design help
      @RenaissanceWW (shannon rogers) a well designed and properly built version of that table.  the videos are on his website.  www.renaissancewoodworker.com  http://www.renaissancewoodworker.com/rww183-picnic-style-dining-table-part-1/
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      I like the top one. I think It's really nice and has more design elements than the oval.  
    • X-base "rustic" dining table design help
      Hello friends! I'm about to endeavor on my first real furniture build and it will be a fairly basic dining room table. Initially, my wife found that dreaded Ana White pedestal dining table that's been making the rounds for years now and she wanted me to build it. We just moved about a year ago and it's taken a long time to get my garage and tools setup to finally begin to do some work. During that time I did a lot of research and found that the AW design was seriously flawed b/c it doesn't allow for movement. I'm glad I didn't have the setup when I did as I would have built this table, and by living in Florida, it would have buckled up to bits in no time. I promised 6 months ago I'd have this done by her birthday (July 20th), I know that's not going to happen though. Fortunately I've had the time and I found a design that she likes that isn't terribly advanced.  It's an x-base with a breadboard top. I've attached a picture of it. I've also attached a basic sketchup I did for the project. I intend the x pieces to be 4x4, the table top to be 8" wide boards at 1 3/4" thick,  with 8" wide breadboard ends. I have a few questions before I begin that I'm hoping some of you can answer : 1. What kind of joinery is best for the x-bases? 2. If my tabletop is to be about 9' x 3.25' ,  will two bases suffice, or would I need a 3rd to ensure stability? 3. How should the bases be attached to the tabletop? 4. The intention is to be able to sit 10 people (snugly) with 4 on each side and 1 on each end. How far in should the bases be to allow proper leg room?  I was estimating 10-12" 5. My wife likes the knotty pine look, but I've vetoed and I'm going to do something much cleaner and harder. Alder, Walnut, other recommendations?   (She likes staining  )   Things to consider : Tools Available :  G0771 Table Saw, 12" Compound Miter, Tabletop Planer, plunge and fixed routers (no tables) To get quality wood for this, I know I need to go with rough lumber.  I do not have a jointer though, so milling large pieces of rough lumber could prove difficult for me. I'm planning on building a jointing jig for my tablesaw, but max cut depth is 3 1/4",  not enough to cut through a 4x4.   I have a lot to learn still and I'd love some feedback and advice on this.     My Dining Table.skp
    • You're acting like a real bench.
      Dig that. I bet it's going to look awesome!
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