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I'm Renzo and am in Ottawa, Canada and 37 years old.

Just recently gotten interested in woodworking. I did take woodworking in grades 9 and 10 (oh about 23 years ago!). We've just recently moved to a new house which has adequate basement space for a shop. I added 8 T8 48" fluorescent fixtures with 6500k bulbs, built a workbench (more of a storage area really as it's not nearly flat enough for hand tools use)

I've started with a 10" hybrid General table saw and 1.5 hp General dust collector.

I am also interested in Hand Tools and spent many a saturday at the local Lee Valley/Veritas store drooling and spending more money than my wife would like.

My hope is to build some pieces of furniture including an end table, two tv/av stands and really whatever else interests me. And i hope to increase my confidence and ability as I progress.

By day I am in IT. I'm a lead for a Level 2 support group, which is really only bearable as I work from home :)

I think the wood whisperer is a great community that I definitely want to be part of. Thanks Marc for making all this possible!


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