Scene's not saving hidden objects

Chris H

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I am trying to create dimensions and print screens in Sketchup.


When I save my scene and then try to flip between them, it seems to save the camera angle, but not which groups I shown/hidden.  


I am sure I have a setting wrong, but I cannot figure out which one.  


Thanks for your help.





Dining Table V03.skp

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You've figured it out, but I'll confirm that this is one of SketchUp's quirks.  When you set up a scene, SketchUp only tracks the "highest level" of hidden geometry.  So if you have any nested components or groups, you typically have to manage these manually.  For this reason, actually hiding stuff is a pain to manage.  I've seen models where stuff is hidden and nested, and it actually gets lost because the "unhide" command only works when you are editing the correct group or component where the stuff was originally hidden.


Here's a better method though: Use layers. You can put sub-components or groups on a different layer, and turn the layer on and off.  The scene manager will track which layer is on and off, so this will do what you want. For example, you might have a component called "Desk" that contains sub-components called "Top", "Drawer Box" and "Leg".  Within the top level "Desk" you can put each component on different layers. If you want to hide the drawers for a scene, put them on a layer called "Drawer Layer" and turn off the layer, leaving the rest of the desk visible.


The layers can be very powerful, but can also be a little confusing.  Things can be on more than one layer, sort of.  You could have the top-level component on the "Desk Layer", and a sub-component on the "Drawer Layer".  So turning off either one of those layers makes the drawers disappear.  But the advantage is that as long as all the layers in the model are turned on, you know everything is visible.  These days I only use the "hide" function to get something out of the way temporarily while I edit something else in that area.

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