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Abranet sanding discs

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Hey there!


I wanted to share my experience with the Abranet sanding discs. Shown here:


I bought the kit and the thick "interference" pad, and the protector pad from Woodcraft. The interference pad is mainly used for sanding near the edges of the board. The pad protector is used to attach to your sander to keep from wearing out the hook and loop on the sander. This pad protector is essential to the sander because of how thin the sanding discs are.


I am very impressed with the quality of these discs. First, they are very resilient to clogging like normal discs are. They are really just little mesh circles. When the material gets clogged, I remove it from the sander, and shake it, and re install it and keep sanding. I even use these with a sanding block.


Working up the grits from 80 to 240 was a breeze on the last tabletop I finished. The top is glass smooth, and ready to accept finish with minimal effort. My sander is a Ridgid 5" random orbit unit. I don't have the model number in front of me, but I can get it if needed.


Since the pack comes with 5 discs each of the various grits. I made 5 stacks of 80-600, so I can use the grits in order, and keep the unused discs separate.


For me, buying the assortment pack makes the most sense. When I need more discs, I'll buy the assortment pack again.

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