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How?  I have a hard enough getting my components straight.  Well, what I mean by that is when I pull up the component window, half the time I only the the Sketchup Components, and not mine.  And today, I somehow dragged a sketchup component INTO my component list, and can't get rid of it.


Is there a way to highlight components in you model from the components list?  All I ever succeed in doing is dragging a piece of component into the model window.


1) Is there a way to visually show all the parts in a model that are a single component?


2) Is there an easy way to tell what parts of an model are NOT components?


3) Is there a way to see all the GROUPS in a project?


4) Are ENTITIES and COMPONENT different?

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If you click on a component in the drawing window (NOT the component list), then in the entity info window at the top, it should say Component (xx in model) where xx is a number which indicates how many instances of that component are in the model.  Below that you should see which layer the component is located on, and the name and definition of it.  The name can be anything (defaults to blank), and is unique for each instance of the component.  The definition is the same for all xx instances and is what shows up in the components window list.  To change the layer for this instance of the the component, select a new layer in the entity info window.


If you don't see your component list in the components window, then look just below the component list.  You should see a name which should say "In Model" with little arrows on either side of it.  If it doesn't say that, then that's probably why you don't see your components.  To change the list to "In Model", click on the little house just above the list of components.


When you say you dragged a component into your list, how exactly did you do that?  Did you place it in the model?  If so, then deleting it from the model and purging unused stuff should remove it I think.  


Highlighting multiple instances of a component:

If you open the outliner window, and select expand all from the little menu to the right of the search box, then type in the name (or part of the name) of the component in the search box and there they are.  You can click on those and they will highlight in the drawing window.   You may be able to this with the component list, but I haven't tried to figure out how to, and some simple experimenting didn't get me anywhere.


1)  The above method with the outliner window shows that.  If you want to see them highlighted in the model, then if you double click a component to edit it, the other instances of that component will still be visible (provided you have selected "View->Component Edit->Hide Rest of Model", and NOT selected "View->Component Edit->Hide Similar Components").


2 and 3)  In the outliner window, right before the name, is a little icon.  Groups are a solid square, and components are 4 little thingys.  I think the outliner only shows groups and components.  So you can see which are groups and which are components.  If you select everything and right click and select Hide, then all that should be showing in the drawing window are the basic elements ( things that are not part of groups or components).


4) Entities cover everything.  Basic elements (lines, faces, circles, etc), groups, and components.  The entity info window shows what type of object you have currently selected.


Hope this helps.  As always, there are probably things I missed, or other ways of doing this stuff.

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Sorry I forgot to answer your questions.


To make components I always would make the object, select All of it, then right mouse click and "make component" (or hotkey "G").


I never dragged anything into a list.

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