Roubo front slab 1/32" thicker than rear - leave for now?


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I milled my Roubo slabs to 4.00" in June then summer and other things kept me away from the shop. The summer humidity in there was around 75% and is now around 45-50%. The front slab has stayed dead flat on both sides and faces but is 1/32" thicker than the rear slab. The rear slab faces are flat using winding sticks but the side has bowed about 1/16" over the entire length. The good news if the front slab is more important to be dead on than the rear slab.

I have the slab tenon, screw cavity, and end cap & mortise all done and fitting perfectly. Should I continue on with the front slab currently 1/32" thicker and see where things are at the end when I do final flattening? Or do I knock 1/32" off the bottom of the front slab now and hope both slabs stay the same thickness until final flattening? My planer generally leaves little snipe but with that big slab there is more room for error if I try and take 1/32" off...

What do you guys think?

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