Pole Building Contractors in Puget Sound area?

Robert Morse

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Hi there,

We just closed on a new-to-us house on an acre or so, and I want to build a shop. I'm pretty sure we want to do a pole building, so I'm wondering if anyone has referrals (or advice on who to avoid) for building the shell and pouring the pad for a pole building in Woodinville, WA.

Right now, I've got a quote from Spane out of Mt.Vernon and I'm planning to reach out to permabilt later this week.




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Hey Robert, I'm just North of Bellingham..

I have 2 buildings..  One I had built and one I built myself..  Frankly, they keep their prices low because you get the bare minimum.  They're not hard to build so, would suggest that route if you can.

I used Texmo for the one I had built.  They did fine and it was on time.  It's just not done nearly as well as the one I built.

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Thanks TIODS - I'd love to build one, but I don't have the time given my day job... I'd rather be in the shop, than building one. My plan is to do the interior work myself, but to have the shell built.

Also, the wife would like to actually park in the garage this winter. :) I'll check out Texmo as well. 

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