Looking for for a Photo Framer near Long Beach, California


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Hi All,

   I'm a photographer and in a bit of a spot. I sell wood frames
and I just found out my frame guy is retireing at the end of May.
I need to explore some options. My framer is going to be giving me
 the contact info for his supplier. I only use one kind of moulding
 right now and have only used this moulding for the last 15 years.

  I have 3 options as of right now.

1) My framer contacts the moulding supplier and see's if they will make
    the frames for me. Evidently the supplier makes frames.  

2) Find a framer and have them make the frames with the moulding from the supplier.

3) My framer is also selling his framing equipment. I buy it and do it my self or
   have someone come in and do it for me.  

 Everything is still in the research stage. I wanted to check on here to  
see if there is anyone in the Southern Los Angeles or Orange County area
that would be interested in either making the the frames for me in their
shop or coming in and making them if I buy the equipment.

 I usually do a frame order once a month of anywhere for 75 to 250 frames
depending on my sales. All the moulding is already finished and just
would need cut to size and assembled.

  This is something I need to work out fairly soon. My busy season starts in
 August and I need this set up before hand.


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Sorry it took me a couple of days to post. Life wasn't cooperating. 

  Here are a few photos.20170324_111251.thumb.jpg.3c162511422d2846533ce676727bbb83.jpg20170324_111416.thumb.jpg.09038e87913a18205f0197159c5b9925.jpg20170324_111333.thumb.jpg.06aef5860525ba0d558c664f5e6a3655.jpg

These are held together with framing staples. And I totally forgot to take a pic of that. The are not glued. The moulding is either oak or ash. It switches between the two. It just depends on the stock the supplier has. 

I'm waiting to hear back on how much his machines to put these together. 

I am really tempted to make them myself. But I'm so busy with running the business I don't if I'll have time. 

My framer says he has enough stock for a few more orders that he'll do for me before he wraps stuff up. So at least I'll have some inventory to use while I figure this all out. 

Thanks for looking at this and the opinions.

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