Can anybody identify this wood?

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We recently rented a house that had this exact table but as a dining table so I’m assuming it’s a semi mass produced line but figured I would have more luck with my search if I knew what kind of wood it is.  Anybody know?  Thanks for any advice!



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Just a guess but acacia wood has been awfully popular from countries in the indonisia/china area. It looks like that to me as well from google.

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While I have no opinion one way or there other as to whether or not this is "acacia", and I have no suggestion as to what else it might be, I would point out to you that saying it is "acacia" is not enormously different than saying it is "wood".

My own wood name database shows over 400 Acacia species and I'm confident that the list is incomplete. As you can see on my "misc acacia" page, the characteristics of the various Acacia spp. are all over the map.

Still, it seems pretty reasonable to me that you at least start with the assumption that it has the common name acacia and see if you can find a match based on that.


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Good point, I was assuming that it was a fairly mass produced line given that we saw a matching table in a vacation rental 500 miles away from our home but haven’t come up with anything quite yet.  Attaching ‘acacia’ to the search at least narrows it down quite a bit but will still be difficult.  Thanks again!  Side note: Just finished making this table for our living room, fun project and learned a lot for next time



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