Best finish for wooden coasters

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What do you guys think would be the best finish for wooden drink coasters?  I've tried Nitro Lacquer.  Some water makes it through the finish and the coaster cups a teeny bit but then flattens back out when dry.  

I like water white, so I am considering maybe a CAB Acrylic or pre-cat CAB Acrylic.  Could also do Precat Lacquer, but its kinda yellow.  Polyurethane looks too plastic-y.  And using an oil rub doesnt really provide any protection.

I want to do this with the least amount of time and sanding.  I like the nitro lacquer because you dont have to sand between coats and it dries quick.  CAB acrylic would be similar but I dont know if it provides any more water resistance.  I hear good things about Precat Lacquer, but I bilieve you have to sand between coats.


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I would saturate with mineral oil, then rub in a heavy coat of bees wax. It will repel moisture for a good while, but will eventually need refreshing. At least you can just rub in a little more wax and be done.

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