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After years of using a ShopVac with a Dust Deputy, I finally decided to upgrade my dust collection system to something more designed for dust collection. My new Jet DC-1200VX arrived on Friday, so while I’m waiting for the electrician to install my 220 outlet, I want to get my piping in place. I was planning to hookup my Super Dust Deputy between the dust collector and my tools since I have a nice big container that it sits on, and it does a great job of collecting all the material before getting to the dust collector, keeping the filter clean of debris, but I have a question about doing this. My Super Dust Deputy has a 4” inlet and outlet and my Jet DC-1200VX can use either a 6” outlet or 2-4” outlets, I was planning to use the 6”. If I use a 6” to 4” adapter to connect the Jet to the Super Dust Deputy, should I also use 4” PVC for my runs or will I get better flow using 6” PVC? Now I’m wishing I would have bought the Super Dust Deputy with the larger intake, but that probably wouldn’t have worked very well while I’ve been using my ShopVac. The reason I’ve been considering running 4” PVC is because the Super Dust Deputy has a 4” inlet and outlet, and it seems to me that running 6” PVC after being reduced to 4” would be a waste. Am I correct? Another thought would be to not use the Super Dust Deputy and run 6” PVC directly from the Jet, but the Super Dust Deputy has worked so well I would hate to not use it, especially since I already have it. Does anyone have any suggestions on setting this up for optimal performance? Thanks!

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11 minutes ago, wtnhighlander said:

I'm no fluid dynamics expert, but in my limited experience, the smallest restriction in the system sets the performance level. If you open back up to 6" after the SDD, heavier particles will tend to settle out in that pipe, as the air velocity probably won't be high enough to keep them suspended.

Do you think it would be best to use the Super Dust Deputy, which will require reducing a 6” pipe to a 4” pipe, or eliminate the Super Dust Deputy and run 6” all the way? 


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So it's complicated. You have this product correct?


If so It should be a good fit for your DC. Could you run 6" lines from the cyclone yes maybe but it might not be advisable. 5" would work but you are limited to metal pipe at that point. You should be able to pull enough air through a 4" pipe to keep particles moving down a 5" horizontal line. For vertical drops I'd do 4" pipe as moving debris vertically is more difficult. The details behind why 5" would work are complicated but the premise is air compresses so for short down sizing like 2-4" you can squeeze more air through a smaller opening than if it was longer. It won't perform as well as if it had 6" openings.

The biggest thing to concern yourself with. If you are going to run hard duct lines make sure you have a well designed system that has as few of bends as possible and minimizes back to back wyes. An ideal setup has 1 truck and a wye that goes to each tool. If the air has to travel through more than 1 wye before it attaches to the trunk line that's too many. Your trunk line is the line that goes into the inlet of your cyclone anything after a bend or a wye is a branch. Make sure to use Wyes NOT Tees there is a HUGE difference. All bends are best to be 45 degrees if you need to turn a 90 have 2 45 degree bends separated by some strait pipe.

Tips and tricks reference.


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I would wonder about using 6" to 4" reducer from the top of the dust deputy to the 6" inlet on the blower .  I don't know on that cyclone how it might change your CFM .  Leaving the blower opening at 6" will pull more air  , but what will the smaller dust deputy move thru it ? A reducer is about $12.00  , but in your situation I would try that .  Who knows ?

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