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I am new to the forum and need all your expertise! I live in an older house that has nice old window frames, some old wood columns and some new rough wooden beams put in.  I bought the house ten years ago, with all these features but have noticed over time, that the wood has started to dull/fade.  Is there anything I can do to reinvigorate the wood without refinishing it? There is too much wood for me to take on a project like that!  Also, any suggestions how I could match the pillars (in picture 3) to a colour closer to the rough beams on top of the pillars?  Thank you so much in advance! I love wood!


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I would start by cleaning the wood surfaces with something like Murphy's Oil Soap. Dust & Grime make for a dull finish.

As for color matching, the texture of the beams will always make them appear a bit darker, all else being the same. There are several approaches to getting a close match, but that may be more than you want to tackle. I suggest the cleaning first, then re-evaluate.

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Liz, can’t help you on the finishing as I’m not that kind of guy, only limited knowledge here. The house looks really neat. How old is it. And welcome to the forum. 

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